The Centre for International Scientific Studies and Collaboration (CISSC) of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) of I.R. of Iran, organised ‘an International Workshop on Scientific Tourism and Ecotourism’.

This workshop was organised with the cooperation of Yazd University, at the Mehriz Faculty of Yazd University, on 14th -15th February 2017, where 9 international elites, professors and lecturers from Argentina, China, Japan, Spain, and New Zealand, representatives of the CISSC, MSRT, UNESCO and distinguished faculty members and academics of University of Tehran, University of Yazd, Art University, Shiraz University of Art were present.

‘Sustainable tourism policy making’, ‘nature-based tourism and ecotourism’, ‘cultural heritage, cultural tourism’, ‘tourism and sustainability’, and their prospects for Iran, and in particular Yazd, were the main discussion topics of this international workshop.

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