On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the 17th Khwarizmi Youth Award was held within two divisions of school and university students attended by high-ranking authorities including the Iranian Minister of Education and Minister of Science, Research and Technology as well as the president of IROST at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran.I.R.Iran.
This event is annually organized to acknowledge the outstanding efforts made by young Iranian researchers, innovators and inventors and to appreciate their high- quality research work and contributions to different fields of science and technology.
The top 45 projects were announced as winners which from among 13 belonged to university students and 32 to school students. During the award ceremony, Minister Farhadi said: “Universities next to the technology incubators and science and technology parks together with the knowledge-based companies are on the path to wisdom through capability."
Farhadi added that over 250 university professors and researchers involved in the evaluation process of this Award and 4 projects could finally reach the commercialization stage and were converted into products. Farhadi said: “Iranian universities have seen an 80% growth in science and technology and 3% in science diplomacy over the last few years compared to other universities over the world.” On the sidelines of this event, an exhibition of the 17th winning projects  was presented.
Authored by Maryam Rezaee – International Cooperation of IROST

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