The world’s biggest conservation and sustainable development challenges demand innovative solutions. The Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) takes on this key challenge and believes that successful solutions cannot be achieved by a single organization acting alone. SNAPP announces its 2018 Request for Proposals to convene interdisciplinary teams
 Researchers and practitioners of any nationality affiliated with an academic, governmental agency, multilateral, or nonprofit institution may submit a proposal. Individuals operating independently are also eligible to apply. Proposals from low-and middle-income countries are especially welcomed. Your group should include a trans-disciplinary mix of 12-18 individual experts–scientists and practitioners from the public, private and NGO sectors, including from conservation, humanitarian, and sustainable development organizations; governments; multilateral institutions; and/or corporations.
A significant portion of the group should include individuals whose organizational roles allow them to apply science results to inform policy and practice related to conservation and sustainable development. Proposals that indicate confirmed participation of some such individuals will be viewed favorably.
SNAPP staff can help identify relevant contacts within TNC and WCS, as necessary. Proposals should include experts from the sustainable development sector;  Members should work together from the beginning of the project to design and co-produce its knowledge products. Gaining strong participation commitments from the outset will help maximize project success, since the group’s proposal and first meeting will set the project research questions and a clear plan for all remaining work.
Request for Proposals Due Date: 6 June 2018 at 5:00pm Pacific Time
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